Something Hot

I feel like we’re in between six* different seasons right now. I know, the Bay Area is mad fickle but… maybe I forgot. Maybe it got old, maybe I got used to our near rainless winter and expected the seasons to have simply swapped time frames. Whatever the reason behind my confusion, it’s annoying. I don’t know what to wear and more importantly, I can’t tell if I want a salad.

I love salads. But I don’t think it’s hot enough yet. I think I need to feel my teeth sweat before I’ll be ready to sink them into cold wedges of ice berg covered in homemade ranch, or tender purple red leaves sprinkled with blue cheese and surrounded by a harsh vinaigrette. Salads make me want to sit on warm, itchy grass and drink Arnold Palmers. I guess I’m waiting for summer.**

More than usual lately I’ve had to fight the urge to huddle inside, under covers in a comfy t-shirt and watch movies or get caught up on Psych. I’m not ready for whatever grab bag of weather is waiting for me outside.

I’m trying to ease into salad season. I ate raw asparagus last week.*** I’m getting prepped, people.

 This happened.

… It’s half a freezer hash brown with marinara, hot sauce and cheddar cheese on a leaf of romaine. For balance.

I’ve been throwing arugula or spinach with a little rice wine vinegar into just about everything I’ve been eating.

Well, everything I’ve been making.

Which has all been hot food, generally involving a lot of very comforting carbs and hot sauce. I’m getting back to my roots during this time of turmoil.****

But I to go back to eating multiple heads of lettuce a week. I’m not ready. At all. I’ve got to take baby steps. So, the greens go in my curries and hashes, maybe wilt a little in the heat but they’re still so freaking stubbornly… well, green… that it doesn’t diminish them. And it get’s me closer to that glorious vehicle for dressings and croutons.

I’ll get up to salads again. It’s just gonna take time. Meanwhile I’ll be drinking a beer in my bathtub and thinking about burgers.


*I know there aren’t six. Creative license is like… fancy ignorance. Deal.

**Freaking weird. I’m usually into winter. I love rain and hate hot weather. I guess I just don’t like uncertainty. Or change. Yup, that’s it. Summer is consistent.

No, it’s not.

Shut up self, I’ll lie to us if I want to. Jeez.

***It’s good, don’t judge me. Also, not a pee problem for all of us. Also also, when raw it tastes a bit like fresh peas. Which I will talk about more in another post… probably by just being super redundant. Look forward to it, friends!

****Don’t worry, I’m not turning this into a livejournal.

And I will be posting an actual recipe soon. Probably. Unless I get distracted. By freezer hash browns. For which, I think, you couldn’t truly fault me.



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3 responses to “Something Hot

  1. I get past my finicky lady feelings about whether or not to salad by putting a grain in it. For example, I’m currently eating a salad comprised of lettuce (direct from the farm [which we just got back from working on]), quinoa, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, strawberries, flax seeds (for crunch, though croutons or almonds or pumpkin seeds woulda been better), and homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Basically fucking delicious and perfect is what it is. Also, I made it in the shape of a nest (carrot/lettuce/sprout outside, quinoa in the middle) and I was going to take a picture to show you, but then got too excited and ate it instead.

    I’m excited about raw asparagus being fresh-peas-like, cause we got some of that from the farm too… and I don’t particularly dig it cook.

    • Raw or roasted are basically the only ways I’m into asparagus.

      Also that salad sounds delicious. But there’s strawberries in it and that makes me nervous.

      • But strawberries with balsamic vinegar is a thing! I swear! And it’s really delicious. It’s like putting cranberries or golden raisins or apples in your salad (in my house either of the two former is pretty much compulsory [my mother is to blame], but we didn’t have any of those things and there were two sad strawberries in the fridge that needed to be loved), except with a different texture. The sweetness is good and balancing.

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